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By unhinged pumos about you Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
You should sleep with at LEAST 25 guys before settling down, and Ill tell you e    01/16/18  (106)
Fucking lol at this boudoir photos at wedding trend    01/16/18  (46)
*doobs disappointed Nassar is gone after finally making US womens gymnastics tea    01/16/18  (1)
LJL @ living in MFH.    01/16/18  (18)
What's Wrong with Liberal Jews?, by Philip Giraldi    01/16/18  (3)
ITT you poast the size of your monthly nut    01/16/18  (31)
Puffy nipples on torpedo tits    01/16/18  (2)
Any board olds have 4+ kids?    01/16/18  (42)
guy chopping wood next to U: "what are u working on right now?"    01/16/18  (1)
A quesadilla is a just a mexican grilled cheese sandwich.    01/16/18  (1)
How hard is it to get a job teaching kindergarten as a 35 year old man?    01/16/18  (7)
Mentally ill poaster here. taking qs on my recent IV admin of HALODOL    01/16/18  (13)
GF wants to have 6 bridesmaids, I only have 1 groomsman. What to do?    01/16/18  (14)
Money Diaries: 35 year hedge fund Manger making 1.5 Million spends in a week    01/16/18  (34)
*Peterman riding an ETH-worm like Beetlegeuse into the pits of Hell*    01/16/18  (2)
What is the logic in paying Gruden $100M?    01/16/18  (7)
fuckin lol at the absolutely seething hatred libs have for ASPIES    01/16/18  (1)
Liberals In An All-Out War Against ASPIES    01/16/18  (14)
TommyTurdskin sticking up for fellow TURD Aziz Ansari on reddit    01/16/18  (27)
Aziz Ansari: "all i said was she was a very nice lady,, very pretty photto"    01/16/18  (7)
Tindersloot in front of a burned house: "sry abt dat hehe"    01/16/18  (1)
Grocery Store Clerk Fired For Stopping Shoplifter    01/16/18  (1)
Tindersloot nearly burned down are house just now    01/16/18  (5)
I nutted on a kindergarten teacher's face once    01/16/18  (7)
*cue Minecraft OST - Sweden as Bbooom walks alone in a trail in Alaska    01/16/18  (1)
180 thing about my Nuthouse admission    01/16/18  (43)
"Make it spikier mah!" (Luis on school portrait day)    01/16/18  (15)
DHS looking to arrest leaders of sanctuary cities (link)    01/16/18  (1)
bump if you're HODLing or BUYing    01/16/18  (13)
Started work on my magnum opus this morning: modern day Catcher in the Rye    01/16/18  (16)
Reminder: "FUCK LIBS" isn't an attitude, it is a lifestyle    01/16/18  (4)
in the 50s ppl in offices didn't watch videos of milfs facefucked until they puk    01/16/18  (2)
boner police is a rogue boyfriend on the run from the law    01/16/18  (4)
ur absolutely fucking insane if ur not HODLing    01/16/18  (2)
Bullied girl murdered by classmate    01/16/18  (14)
*sulfur-hexaflouride voice* Were all straights here    01/16/18  (9)
Peterman in a bikini riding ETH to the ground like Kong in Dr. Strangelove    01/16/18  (1)
lookism.net has been reading SHT poasts    01/16/18  (4)
*uninstalls binance* *puts phone in pocket* *ballet curtain opens*    01/16/18  (8)
*helium voice* "We're all fags here"    01/16/18  (10)
"Do you understand?" "Yes." "Do you wish to continue?" "Yes."    01/16/18  (2)
Reminder: excessive poasting permanently damages and alters your brain    01/16/18  (6)
*shuffles into ballet w dunkin coffee at 8 AM* "mornin' steve." "mornin' larry."    01/16/18  (2)
explain how illegal immigration is bad if it makes literally everything cheap    01/16/18  (38)
"I CAN'T KEEP IT AT $950 ANYMORE!" the power sellcuck bellowed    01/16/18  (2)
Usher - "omg" plays as you refresh binance with your forehead    01/16/18  (4)
Aziz wakes up checks Twitter i maed it? Yay I maed it    01/16/18  (4)
Illegal alien in Detroit deported    01/16/18  (54)
"And speaking with us now is Dr. David... *raises eyebrow* Diaper."    01/16/18  (24)
Leonard Fournette (1995 - 2018)    01/16/18  (1)
Xi Jinping: "lmao earl bought into this shit? sell everything"    01/16/18  (8)
my faggot brain no longer seems to be producing serotonin    01/16/18  (6)
you know i want to kick steven kings ass for writing all that crazy shit when he    01/16/18  (3)
RATE this cute blonde who desperately needs implants    01/16/18  (38)
OH NOES!!! ETH is only up 45% this past month. SELL SELL SELL!!!    01/16/18  (15)
"The mooning is over." "Stay on target." "Sir, it's about to crash." &    01/16/18  (1)
Muslim pizza shop owner slams black woman to floor; restrooms for customers only    01/16/18  (37)
Argue politics from an alt right perspective w/ libs using gender neutral pronou    01/16/18  (2)
I'm buying into crypto again today ONLY bc low price+ Wall St bonuses coming out    01/16/18  (4)
You can get rid of one state    01/16/18  (38)
Mentally ill poaster here. taking qs on my recent IV admin of HODL    01/16/18  (1)
if you arent booting stamp bags while listening to Komm Susser Tod ur insane    01/16/18  (3)
Daily Stoic, 1/16/18    01/16/18  (9)
a TuTu'd peterman clad only in a big dog t-shirt stumbling out of a trailer park    01/16/18  (13)
flying a drone up to MPA's office window to send him snaps of himself snapping m    01/16/18  (2)
*truck stop diner waitress pours Peterman coffee* "Tezos never launched hun?"    01/16/18  (8)
*Peterman checking his makeup in mirror one last time* "I'm in the empire busine    01/16/18  (3)
HODL ON GUISE JUST HODL ON    01/16/18  (1)
going to aspen then telluride next week, haven't been to either    01/16/18  (6)
*sends mpa a snap* "oh hey I know that gay bar"    01/16/18  (10)
National Review: nuclear war not so bad since Trump voters will be spared.    01/16/18  (9)
OH GOD OH    01/16/18  (1)
Holy crap- Senate judicary committee moving FAST on nominations - link    01/16/18  (3)
Why did the delivery guy just bring 8 sets of plastic cutlery??????? (bloodacre)    01/16/18  (1)
Peterman: "But I HODL from there!"    01/16/18  (2)
'As a black woman I'm always fetishised': racism in the bedroom    01/16/18  (9)
*sings "I'm going to lose a lot in crypto" to "it's beginning to look a lot like    01/16/18  (15)
"HODL it." "But sir, the moon is crashing no--" "I SAID HODL IT, PRIVATE!&q    01/16/18  (1)
Farting so loud people from Pittsburgh reminisce about their childhood    01/16/18  (15)
Led Zeppelin reform merely to apologize to the ~ 40,000 girls they #metoo'd    01/16/18  (6)
"my crypto wallet!" askav wailed as his mom sold his toy cash register at yard s    01/16/18  (27)
boards biggest stoners: lawman8, spaceporn2525    01/16/18  (16)
The 15 cars Americans keep the longest before trading in for a new one    01/16/18  (82)
un-PC truth: Anyone who went to a hotel room with Weinstein knew what was coming    01/16/18  (34)
"I've been torn up much worse by a bear." (Tsinah watching the revenant)    01/16/18  (25)
1970s Rock Star or You Can Fuck Anyone Born in Pittsburgh?    01/16/18  (36)
still lolling that nationalist lawman8 swears allegiance to shitlib watchmen    01/16/18  (46)
ITT, we post pics of girls who look like putrid farters    01/16/18  (213)
did xo discuss the first #metoo suicides    01/16/18  (5)
What kind of woman would "hook up" with Aziz Ansari?    01/16/18  (13)
Short Quotemo has angered the CryptoGods.    01/16/18  (1)
Reminder: women would rather sex attractive, violent serial killer over nebbish    01/16/18  (23)
I picture watchmen as a tall skinny asian with glasses and spikey hair    01/16/18  (4)
*cue Hans Zimmer - The Mole as poasters vacillate between HOLDing or sellcucking    01/16/18  (1)
Shrews MAF about 36 y.o. Bachelor pwning 22 y.o. cunnus    01/16/18  (22)
"Buy high sell low that's what I say haha"    01/16/18  (3)
BTC plummets below 200 bln    01/16/18  (1)
**CSLG's 1.9.18 SOLO REFERRAL LIST** - Help out another XO brother    01/16/18  (31)
without the SF Bay Area, California would have voted 48% Bush in 2004    01/16/18  (6)
How common is childhood molestation for women?    01/16/18  (23)
attendants of the ancient greek forum: "cr brother, CR!"    01/16/18  (1)
aunties REFUSING to kiss tommy's cheek    01/16/18  (1)
Uncle Pradeep silently hugs Tommy's father.    01/16/18  (5)
biglaw lives matter gelling his spiky hair as he skateboards into biglaw office    01/16/18  (2)
Just checked coinbase. Is this THE BIG CRASH    01/16/18  (10)
Goddam colleague just Fucked up my schedule.    01/16/18  (2)
luis picked me up in a limo wearing a tuxedo on our last date. treats me good.    01/16/18  (2)
Unsaid truth: women want to be sexually assaulted by Chad    01/16/18  (4)
today in black crime in the Bay area, II    01/16/18  (104)
In desperate plea for ratings, NFL will hold nude game this weekend    01/16/18  (3)
rach has given me the green light to delete all threads that FUD crypto    01/16/18  (1)
Illegal alien nanny is crushing it at new job    01/16/18  (51)
seems like she enjoys missionary sex with the lights off.    01/16/18  (1)
Ancient Roman JJC: "Impossible to make friends outside of rhetoric school?"    01/16/18  (8)
Huma impatiently watching Hillary finally fall asleep thru a baby monitor    01/16/18  (25)
LE COOKIES ARE READY    01/16/18  (1)
Almost no one understands the utter lack of liquidity in the crypto markets    01/16/18  (11)
rate this sickening 90s milieu fever dream    01/16/18  (2)
What to do about neighbor who stomps on ceiling    01/16/18  (11)
VICE: we're cheering for the Jags because Patriots support Donald Trump (link)    01/16/18  (2)
I missed out on what must've been some great Aziz Ansari threading this weekend    01/16/18  (1)
Should Puerto Rico be a state?    01/16/18  (3)
Beating up Peterman's pussy like a homeless guy on meth    01/16/18  (28)
what happens to women who are 6'    01/16/18  (21)
After today's crypto rape cant wait to see SQMO's 888 TWIST tomorrow    01/16/18  (4)
Seriously, someone needs to check her ID ASAP. I'm not even sure if it's legal    01/16/18  (1)
Come ITT to claim your 888 crypto winnings    01/16/18  (211)
ripple un-mooning, Stoic philosophers named "Talk to Your Kids About Niggers"    01/16/18  (1)
No matter what you think of Trump he ejected the Clintons from American politics    01/16/18  (2)
So xo doesnt hate Chad, just the women who want Chad?    01/16/18  (18)
Selling it all tonight    01/16/18  (4)
Thinking about leaving biglaw for shitlaw. Cr?    01/16/18  (26)
Why do men chase after women instead of just using escorts/hookers?    01/16/18  (108)
Trannys are only attractive because 90% of women are now fat    01/16/18  (5)
So white American guys get pwned by women that look like oompa loompas? (DTP)    01/16/18  (5)
Do you know any lawyers with proleface?    01/16/18  (4)
Driving in the snow is unsafe and impossible    01/16/18  (24)
women routinely fuck dogs and also become pen pals with serial killers    01/16/18  (7)
Today = crypto black tuesday?    01/16/18  (6)
evan39 should we "punish" whores with giant nigger cocks    01/16/18  (48)
biz idea: disposable toothbrushes with toothpaste already on them    01/16/18  (3)
will joining Improv improve my communication/public speaking skills?    01/16/18  (6)
Lost 3 years of biglaw savings on crypto    01/16/18  (10)
I wanna eat TSINAH's creampie out of Chandler's boihole.    01/16/18  (3)
How the hell is it possible to get below 165 on lsat or below 165 on gre verbal    01/16/18  (21)
President Trump pointing the press corps to the door: "Out."    01/16/18  (7)
guests flying out of luis's wedding list like sonic's rings    01/16/18  (6)
*tsinah's metabolism snatching obesity from the jaws of a tutu addiction*    01/16/18  (45)
Come see the softer side of Sears, faggot    01/16/18  (2)

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