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STICKY: New account requests   03/20/18  (183)
Explain to me like im 4 why there are major D1 programs in the NIT tourney    03/20/18  (5)
HOT upcoming IPOs. any expert input?    03/20/18  (2)
What was the best place to live in CA before it all went to shit?    03/20/18  (5)
Throat is killing me bros    03/20/18  (16)
"men" who shave their beard to make it look like they have a jawline    03/20/18  (5)
ITT you give me Voir Dire questions to ask on a DUI punitives case    03/20/18  (45)
I always mix up "voir dire" and "sous vide"    03/20/18  (1)
Childrens Book Declares Hitler a Great Leader, Whining Jews Demand Book Burning    03/20/18  (30)
Feminists DEMAND sex doll brothel close b/c its, degrading to women    03/20/18  (5)
Orange County, CA city votes to opt put of California Sanctuary law    03/20/18  (3)
LAUSD teacher convicted of feeding semen to his students, still receives pension    03/20/18  (9)
i hate that hairline look where a blade could come down at your hairline and    03/20/18  (2)
*MGMT - "Kids" plays as you walk thru dystopian nightmare city towards office*    03/20/18  (2)
"He ate cum. He was a cum eater." (bloodacre's dad at bloodacre's funeral)    03/20/18  (86)
most poasters are in their mid to early 40s    03/20/18  (3)
Can anyone hete explain quantum computing?    03/20/18  (7)
Gottamn worlds bitchiest paralegal just sent me an email that said    03/20/18  (9)
young lawman8 stabbing his mom when he finds out santa claus isnt real    03/20/18  (8)
Shitlibs Conflicted Serena Doesn't Get Protected Seeding After Maternity #tennis    03/20/18  (3)
sometimes I get sad thinking I'll never live to see the anti-AI revolution    03/20/18  (1)
post itt if you hate yourself and want to die, like me    03/20/18  (8)
Move to NYC or San Diego?    03/20/18  (9)
Weimar central banker looks at USDT: Haha wow heilige Scheisse    03/20/18  (3)
Young lawman8 asking Santa that next spree killer be Muslim    03/20/18  (68)
no one talks about the 2nd Statue of Liberty in iowa city    03/20/18  (4)
Trumpmos? More like Trumpanzees    03/20/18  (1)
choose a hairline: justin turner vs. jay bruce    03/20/18  (2)
NYT: Institutional racism forces even rich black males into poverty    03/20/18  (76)
Did people prove Amy Wax wrong about black law students at Penn?    03/20/18  (24)
in college: what loser lives in Iowa; now: honey look this 1 is right by Des Moi    03/20/18  (17)
what should I do for my next big thread    03/20/18  (11)
Risk-adverse "men" fearful of expressing themselves IRL giving each other 180's    03/20/18  (12)
"hello there, son. what do you want for christm-" "i want to die."    03/20/18  (3)
***Police standoff in Austin with driverless Uber car***    03/20/18  (3)
Trump Jr. fucked some dumb bimbo from Celebrity Apprentice ("Nice taste!"-Trump)    03/20/18  (6)
Its 1995 and ur cruising, ur HS gf is burning herself with ur cars cig lighter    03/20/18  (6)
*logs in* Clean Bandit - Rather Be fades up    03/20/18  (3)
Will Transhumanism take us back here?:    03/20/18  (34)
Would Tiger winning the Masters be the biggest sports story of the decade?    03/20/18  (55)
And lastly Id like to thank gay nigger the poster    03/20/18  (1)
german idealism what do you think of this piano piece    03/20/18  (7)
Reminder: Uber crushing person = technology is deadly; Bridge crushing people =    03/20/18  (1)
Fitness Guru Suspected of Mailing Pots Full of Maggots to Victims    03/20/18  (6)
Failure to Launch and Young Men: The Mental Health Crisis    03/20/18  (23)
Gorsuch is a cunt    03/20/18  (75)
Disney making Elsa a lesbian with a female love interest in "Frozen" sequel    03/20/18  (67)
Here are a couple poems i wrote in 1995. lol i found them cleaning up.    03/20/18  (76)
After a week of blizzards and avalanches alps have been blessed with this    03/20/18  (2)
2d cousin engaging in agnoal breathing after the car crash, eyes glazed, flames    03/20/18  (2)
Package explodes inside Texas FedEx facility    03/20/18  (16)
Florida's "no fault" insurance laws are pretty great for lawyers    03/20/18  (1)
DLA Piper Aleppo or Dentons Fallujah?    03/20/18  (2)
Breaking: school shooting in Maryland at Great Mills High    03/20/18  (2)
BREAKING: Driverless Uber killed HOMELESS WOMAN! Uber not at fault!    03/20/18  (33)
POD - alive playing as you wait in line for biglaw cafeteria    03/20/18  (1)
Oh wow yeah cool explosions in the sky album    03/20/18  (5)
I've resolved to move out of my state.    03/20/18  (7)
They were supposed to hire civil engineers, but they got NASTY engineers    03/20/18  (17)
Jordan Peterson is flame    03/20/18  (16)
TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP    03/20/18  (3)
Packages exploding inside packages exploding inside my asshole    03/20/18  (1)
Bashar Assad: "I read about this guy earl online, I wish to live like him"    03/20/18  (1)
Rate this YouTube vid of UVA only losing 3 games this season set 2 POD - alive    03/20/18  (1)
Peppa Play Spider Bombrobot Elsa Austin Messy Pig Joker Wink$ Autocorrect    03/20/18  (1)
imagine Obama's dread, knowing he'll die in prison    03/20/18  (6)
There's not enough cum. (bloodacre in a jacuzzi bath with ALL cum, no water)    03/20/18  (76)
Ummm yeah there's a lot of cum on my face and no I don't have a towel (bloodacre    03/20/18  (9)
Ate an empanada last night now my skin is crawling    03/20/18  (1)
Bashar Assad just driving his Honda around Damascus like it's no big deal    03/20/18  (30)
POD - alive plays as a mail nail bomb rips your face to shreds    03/20/18  (4)
i make 1 post and get this rat spinning for 6 hours    03/20/18  (5)
Daily Stoic, 3/20/18    03/20/18  (3)
DemocRATS are evil incarnate    03/20/18  (1)
Let those who would save our boart follow me    03/20/18  (1)
drunken fuckpigs rutting around on the beach    03/20/18  (4)
alcoholic nigger is a rat who is spinning    03/20/18  (13)
we're naming our son Mason and that's that    03/20/18  (8)
very sad to see a rat who just can't stop spinning    03/20/18  (11)
Filthy fucking democRATS    03/20/18  (4)
Ozzy singing Oh Lawman in place of Oh Lord Yeah In War Pigs    03/20/18  (2)
Just got a sticky new account bros poasting nao    03/20/18  (1)
"My god...the minds are...matchi..." *NASA sniper's bullet pierces eye socket*    03/20/18  (1)
Police suspect rogue Dallas bomb robot in series of Austin bombings    03/20/18  (10)
Scientists gathered around cage:"Unbelievable, #63 enjoys the spinning"    03/20/18  (6)
you could put a rat in a 6'3 230 lb body and it wouldnt make any difference.    03/20/18  (73)
raccoons achieving pareto optimal distribution of garbage meat through dynamic m    03/20/18  (7)
Do libs realize the Russia controversy is over?    03/20/18  (75)
Will XO libs retire when Obama is convicted of treason ?    03/20/18  (6)
Disgusting new spring break pics from daily mail    03/20/18  (60)
Madly Curley Stunt Reel    03/20/18  (1)
Schiff just reviewed the Trump spy docs. He left the WH in shock, LMAO    03/20/18  (64)
"once again, your request that for self-sealing airlocks within the office will    03/20/18  (1)
How do lesbians deal with stinky poon? Guys just dont go down    03/20/18  (16)
In a fit of pique i scrambled this account pw last night    03/20/18  (3)
list of poasters who i miss    03/20/18  (63)
I finally found the historical figure most similar to Lawman8    03/20/18  (18)
Just ate 7 krispy kreme glazed donuts    03/20/18  (8)
What will Trump do when Mueller asks to interview him personally?    03/20/18  (69)
Aspie white dude still #1 school bomber    03/20/18  (5)
Jake Tapper: serious but isolated fuckup regarding FISA application    03/20/18  (18)
DOJ/FBI corruption won't just take them & Obama admin down. Itll take down media    03/20/18  (20)
John Brennan should be fucking arrested.    03/20/18  (7)
Supreme Court denies GOP attempt to keep gerrymandered districts in PA    03/20/18  (21)
Package explodes inside Plano Dorito facility    03/20/18  (1)
"sentient micromachines emerging from Lill Peep's priapic corpse. In other news,    03/20/18  (8)
brief claims I made it pregnant; adjusting citations    03/20/18  (5)
How do I get raccoons to stop solving optimization problems    03/20/18  (1)
uberlyfter cars transforming and piledriving homeless people in sf (link)    03/20/18  (3)
"I quit." "Meet Sam." "Diaper: Activate." Two simple words can change    03/20/18  (5)
"Oh, now you want me to cut you slack?" taunts lawman8 to a dying sqmo    03/20/18  (14)
called Gf 'one of the great diners-out of our age'    03/20/18  (9)
Underappreciated fact: sharklaser is poasting again :)    03/20/18  (14)
Tell me about your worst emotional pain.    03/20/18  (176)
You're gonna be in here regurgitating Gordon Wood, talkin' about you know,    03/20/18  (2)
I like to shop at the duty free shop    03/20/18  (17)
Obama will be DONE HERE as a result of the wiretaps    03/20/18  (626)
RATE Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark)'s latest tattoo    03/20/18  (20)
Rate this kids suicide letter    03/20/18  (40)
protocol PACKETCONFIRM_3.193.091 xxxxxxxxxxxxx
   03/20/18  (2)
There's power in that black woman's hair.    03/20/18  (4)
Prawns achieve middlebrow culture    03/20/18  (1)
The rachmiels do not want to help poasters. Would be so easy to make night mode!    03/20/18  (4)
Guitarmos - come ITT to recommend upgrades for my Fender Stratocaster    03/20/18  (31)
CNN appears to have written an article about evan39    03/20/18  (3)
the clean white glory/unhinged quotemo arc is wearing out its welcome fast    03/20/18  (13)
Jordan Peterson going full beard    03/20/18  (2)
Jordan Peterson tweets FUCK YOU to "Pankaj Mishra, that sanctimonious prick"    03/20/18  (11)
"Once Saudi Arabia unleashes the potential of women, there is no telling how far    03/20/18  (7)
$90,000 salary is $5,300 monthly takehome after taxes    03/20/18  (7)
"Still too early to say if all the package bombs going off in Austin are related    03/20/18  (2)
"Here's a Guide to All My Haters" would have been a great mixtape title in 2007    03/20/18  (6)
SUMMON: Fortuitous Meteor    03/20/18  (19)
So this Austin guy is basically the new Unabomber but he targets uppity URMs?    03/20/18  (6)
*accordians blasting for tctp's graduation hog roast 7 weeks into law school*    03/20/18  (21)
Does any one here work for a government agency in California?    03/20/18  (1)
Suppose, in that hour of darkness, a team of litigators arrived, versed in the w    03/20/18  (1)
Arcadia, CA = crazy azn megaposters, horse-racing, peacocks    03/20/18  (5)
How many Trumpmos (other than Trump) have blown a load in Hope Hicks?    03/20/18  (1)
I may be starting to lean to Brownstone over McBeef    03/20/18  (9)
where is evan39?    03/20/18  (7)
Azns: You look funny because your ancestors interbred with pygmies (link)    03/20/18  (8)
Hypo: Turkish Military launches Coup against Erdogan and AKP    03/20/18  (110)
Lasko    03/20/18  (3)
Equestrian tinder shrew says LOLNO! to baldmos (pic)    03/20/18  (56)
Xi Jinping's coronation address is basically a declaration of war against Taiwan    03/20/18  (28)
2nd cousin: gotta change, don't look! ; shrew gf: gotta change, self help book!    03/20/18  (5)
Black women are disgusting    03/20/18  (6)

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