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He's a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren't captured.    12/18/17  (1)
John McCain should be rigged with explosives and sent on one last mission    12/18/17  (3)
Hey Columba, havent heard from you. Please respond jaja    12/18/17  (3)
Reminder: Libs are allowed to increase debt as they please - GOP can't at all    12/18/17  (37)
Toronto vs NYC    12/18/17  (4)
Having to look at fatass white women all day and all life is soul-crushing (DTP)    12/18/17  (4)
New Star Wars: RESISTANCE, purple haired lesbian, rich bashing, rainbow coalitio    12/18/17  (13)
John McCain is fixin to die    12/18/17  (1)
Why do you white Americans LOVE going to Cabo San Lucas?    12/18/17  (4)
CA homeowner mo here - tax bill going up by $13k+ next year on same income    12/18/17  (19)
these UFOs are probably Russia spoofing us    12/18/17  (1)
Would YOU marry this Mexican politician?    12/18/17  (1)
Anybody else know the Northwestern law guy talking about UFOs?    12/18/17  (5)
Nyuug, you have to complete military service at some point right?    12/18/17  (21)
ching chong amelica so awfurr    12/18/17  (1)
More UFOs appearing off American west coast tonight    12/18/17  (6)
Honorable suicide at 75 >>>>> dying bed bound at 85 in a nursing home    12/18/17  (8)
boner police now poasting as his favorite restaurant ducan_donuts    12/18/17  (1)
rinkedin users who view my profile in private mode: cowards    12/18/17  (1)
if there is enough interest, i will fully explain the nyuug mentality (uvt)    12/18/17  (33)
One of the stable of alts finally revealed!    12/18/17  (99)
Are TMF and Mandy gopniki, or are they bydla?    12/18/17  (1)
Get down! *Mark Wohlers fires his gaping asshole at GC's erect cock*    12/18/17  (4)
The lowliest Asian doesn't live in a society where 75% of women unfuckable (DTP)    12/18/17  (14)
oh wow libs mhm    12/18/17  (1)
Dating Life in BIGLAW    12/18/17  (62)
White American Men    12/18/17  (41)
Boomers literally tell me "no worries - easily have kids in late30s/early40s    12/18/17  (1)
"the clean white glory of truth" - who is this overly starched-shirt queer?    12/18/17  (5)
Once you get into boxing, no other sports compare.    12/18/17  (7)
Anyone else bang high end escorts on the regular?    12/18/17  (122)
40s Are the New 20s    12/18/17  (2)
Santa Claus:The Movie (1985) among the most insane things ever committed to film    12/18/17  (19)
bitcoin neckbeards in teslas peeling out in front of HBS bros    12/18/17  (33)
Dat like-kind exchange    12/18/17  (1)
What $359,818 gets a new-home buyer in Orange County    12/18/17  (1)
Another good Millennials are totally fucked article    12/18/17  (132)
Robocop 2: one of the most deranged movies of all time    12/18/17  (5)
duncan_donuts = duncan tp from back in the day?    12/18/17  (10)
99% of the criticisms of libs and whining about shitlibs here is retarded    12/18/17  (5)
Marilyn Manson calling himself "daddy" in a song is 180 (PF)    12/18/17  (24)
Diehard 2 is awful    12/18/17  (2)
DUAL CITIZEN here. Taking questions on obtaining dat DUAL CITIZENSHIP ITT.    12/18/17  (204)
thanks xo. you spoiled Star Wars The Force Awakens now you spoiled The Last Jedi    12/18/17  (6)
Tom Brady is a confirmed GOD    12/18/17  (6)
Holy shit libs entrapped Trump transition with arcane Terms of Service    12/18/17  (2)
having GF involuntarily committed as a power-play: Cr?    12/18/17  (1)
So bad movies are good now?    12/18/17  (1)
Was Carl Sagan considered the smartest man alive at one time?    12/18/17  (4)
McCabe will resign this week    12/18/17  (2)
smartest person ever: John von Neumann?    12/18/17  (6)
Rate this cosplayer's instagram    12/18/17  (12)
did you know Scott Weiland recorded a Christmas album?    12/18/17  (2)
XO Magua on White Women (clip)    12/18/17  (1)
Just saw pharmaceutical drug commercial w/ boomers and live-in adult son    12/18/17  (2)
to star wars fans feeling the latest movie erases the history and meaning of the    12/18/17  (3)
Actress, Peggy from Mad Men and lead in Handmaid's Tale & Top of The Lake    12/18/17  (14)
The next generation of 'men' will have cam to age playing Minecraft, vaping    12/18/17  (24)
honiara's dad fucking him up the ass every night, as he babbles "yep, yep,"    12/18/17  (26)
The Greatest Depression (2018-2025) was triggered by the collapse of the crypto    12/18/17  (3)
am i a lib    12/18/17  (3)
"DJ Khaled" belongs in Guantanamo    12/18/17  (3)
someone already took moniker "litecoin"    12/18/17  (4)
i am 26yo and i am still living with parents    12/18/17  (44)
Toby Keith - I Love This Board    12/18/17  (37)
'abortion, sodomy, and materialism have taken place of life, liberty, pursuit of    12/18/17  (5)
Like 20 people from my HS class have died from opioid ODs    12/18/17  (8)
Christmas on Faggot Mountain    12/18/17  (1)
Parson Brown here, taking limited questions    12/18/17  (1)
Anyone else think Carrie fishers daughter was hot in the last jedi    12/18/17  (14)
   12/18/17  (3)
LOL @ Kasowitz's new website and profile pics    12/18/17  (45)
Brady, Belichick, Patriots all excellent. but for a good while now they dont    12/18/17  (59)
Life is literally TTT unless you have RSF like trust funds    12/18/17  (10)
"...and in closing...not God 'Bless' America. Naw naw naw...God DAMN America"    12/18/17  (10)
Watching original Star Wars trilogy post-Treyvon can't help but side with Empire    12/18/17  (13)
Naw naw naw, not God *bless* America    12/18/17  (2)
sometime people say something genuinely surprising    12/18/17  (1)
genesis - the battle of epping forest.mp3    12/18/17  (1)
Sean Connerys daughter in the movie The Rock. Unghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh    12/18/17  (2)
should i buy a shitload of rite aid stock    12/18/17  (13)
Ultimate Smackdown for Shitlibs    12/18/17  (1)
*reclines in rickshaw* "Rook, hele's my thought on a Arabama poritic...""    12/18/17  (13)
Our society is festering in crime and immorality because we have forgotten class    12/18/17  (5)
i feel like government workers are mean    12/18/17  (1)
That's so funny I forgot to laugh    12/18/17  (3)
Just returned from the most prole wedding I've ever been to    12/18/17  (76)
High school bro died out of nowhere. Of course, found out via Facebook.    12/18/17  (16)
LORD EXEUNT - have you treated yourself to anything 180 with ur new riches?    12/18/17  (21)
I'm the only person under 50 who wears a Blazer and tie to church    12/18/17  (14)
if this "profession" is so great why do i always feel like shit    12/18/17  (7)
final call on ADA ?    12/18/17  (6)
Domesticate otters and bobcats NOW!    12/18/17  (17)
*swings a censer of smoldering frankincense over board to cleanse and purify it*    12/18/17  (7)
HILARIOUS Trump Skit on The Simpsons    12/18/17  (14)
now that's a fuckin banger    12/18/17  (1)
how long does it take to get back in shape if ur not fat?    12/18/17  (7)
What will be the next MEGA DISASTER?    12/18/17  (20)
Would you marry a cute Christian girl knowing that she's a weak follower?    12/18/17  (17)
Vance Joy - Georgia    12/18/17  (8)
Baby boomer told me "play stupid games, win stupid prices" what did she mean?    12/18/17  (8)
Had an associate work all day Saturday so I got em beer Saturday night when it w    12/18/17  (6)
The Good Place is 180    12/18/17  (20)
the Nyte Byfyre Chfstmyf at exx-ohh inne    12/18/17  (24)
70 year old boomers thinking they are immortal    12/18/17  (2)
the insane RSF brother spammer is UVT    12/18/17  (53)
movie idea: 'Gremlins' type movie about multiplying HRC 'doubles'    12/18/17  (4)
Am I hallucinating or was a subplot of Gremlins that Santa Claus died in chimney    12/18/17  (12)
Xmas Idea: lil cowboy toy called Tickle Me RoyMo    12/18/17  (2)
Gf won't let me drink anymore after I got wasted a month ago. Now I can't sleep    12/18/17  (37)
Soul Train Music Awards are Credited. Wow    12/18/17  (1)
*puts away Nook and cranks up Zune as Lyft ride arrives*    12/18/17  (1)
Okay, fess up : which poaster is running this site? (link)    12/18/17  (20)
Guy on Adam Carolla podcast promoting DAILY usage of KRATOM    12/18/17  (2)
reminder : women need YEARS of training to take dick as well as a bored queer    12/18/17  (7)
I like NBA, Marvel movies, noodles, bowl cuts, and warcraft (DTP)    12/18/17  (3)
Luke Skywalker, born Lemuel Skliarevitz, on Tatooine    12/18/17  (3)
You poast itt any advice at all your father gave you re careers    12/18/17  (52)
I want a 19 yo white gf    12/18/17  (2)
Maybe Bitcoin isn't a bad investment. Krugman calling it an "obvious bubble"    12/18/17  (2)
My cold started two weeks ago and isn't gone    12/18/17  (15)
hey. you said you wanted to talk.    12/18/17  (2)
"Indie 1.0" 714 is my new favorite SiriusXM channel    12/18/17  (4)
Auntie i want juice and love marriage and many touch for the chocobar please    12/18/17  (36)
Auld Lang Syne is a GOAT song    12/18/17  (3)
Will the next great economic collapse clear out a lot of Libs?    12/18/17  (3)
Being so autistic that ur a natural repellant to gold-diggers, scammers (DTP)    12/18/17  (2)
Should I go to my 20th anniversary College Reunion?    12/18/17  (1)
/!\ Bryan 'the twink collector' Singer rapes 17yo mexican boy /!\    12/18/17  (32)
Rate this opinion piece on how to properly queer The Lion King for stage    12/18/17  (11)
RATE this Ukrainian high jumper girl    12/18/17  (32)
Talked about doing a "tinder photoshoot" with my friends    12/18/17  (18)
Hmm I have .02 btc on dream market how do i get it out?    12/18/17  (2)
SUING EX-ROOMMATE in Small Claims Court, Need Some Advice    12/18/17  (63)
Donald kept Alabama red just like Jeb's brother kept America safe    12/18/17  (2)
Politics aside, this was a pretty nice moment between Biden and Meghan McCain    12/18/17  (25)
Government Employees: The True 1%    12/18/17  (4)
Bisexual Chad casually entering your room to fuck you after screwing ur mom    12/18/17  (16)
doubled crypto hodlings in last 17 days    12/18/17  (29)
Bought this sweater for my dad for Christmas    12/18/17  (4)
What % of millennials own crypto?    12/18/17  (5)
Risten, XO megapoastel here. I rike a poastel XO velly rong time. I think ah DTP    12/18/17  (35)
Pianomos, what's the best way to learn some beginner shit?    12/18/17  (1)
Even his Trump Bashing can't help Eminem get better reviews    12/18/17  (1)
depressed short hair post-left ex-edgy girlfriend    12/17/17  (4)
Hypo: Muslim refugees kill hundreds in Hatsfield airpot during blackout    12/17/17  (2)
Nutella shaking with rage as I suck her husband to completion    12/17/17  (21)
you are very beautfull girl ,, have you boyfriend ?    12/17/17  (1)
Schwab advisor tried to pitch me financial advisory services. No thanks I use xo    12/17/17  (7)

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