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New Yorker story: 0 witnesses corroborating but 6 witnesses refute the story?    09/24/18  (97)
College with biggest difference between reputation and reality?    09/24/18  (88)
/*\ ROSENSTEIN RESIGNS /*\    09/24/18  (86)
Predict the outcome of the Kavanaugh hearing on Thursday    09/23/18  (76)
New poll: will Kavanaugh be confirmed?    09/24/18  (67)
calm down about this retard kavanaugh, we'll just get amy barrett instead jfc    09/24/18  (65)
Stop asking if board libs are ok with this bullshit    09/24/18  (63)
If Kavanaugh could go back in time 2 months would he take himself off list?    09/24/18  (63)
I have never hated Libs more than I do now.    09/23/18  (59)
So every lib here is on board with this bullshit?    09/24/18  (55)
Lib here, will make admission, Avenatti better come forward with evidence ASAP    09/24/18  (55)
Thinking of SEEKING CHRIST. Which denomination?    09/24/18  (52)
Is there any school in the world with smarter students than Caltech?    09/24/18  (52)
Post ITT if you did NOT get rejected from Tufts    09/24/18  (49)
everyone, lib and conservative, calling for CIVIL WAR. question for you    09/24/18  (49)
Russia Steps Up and Offers to Save White South African Farmers    09/24/18  (48)
Rate my dinner (pic)    09/24/18  (46)
committing crimes anonymously online doesn't make it not illegal    09/24/18  (43)
"kavana-na-na not gonna work here!"    09/24/18  (42)
new yorker article up    09/23/18  (42)
FELLOW LIBS: don't get involved, sit back and watch the show    09/24/18  (41)
Why even bother as a Millennial?    09/23/18  (41)
Cruz sucked at debate vs Beto    09/24/18  (39)
Remind me, in what way was Garland unqualified to serve on SCOTUS?    09/24/18  (39)
Trumpmos, why didn't Dems fabricate rape allegations with Gorsuch?    09/24/18  (38)
in the fight of my life to convince wife to open 1.85% savings acct    09/24/18  (38)
do we have a working list of xo catholic schoolmos?    09/24/18  (37)
African boxer gets KO'd. His corner water boards him & jacks him off (vid)    09/24/18  (36)
Feinstein calls for Blasey Ford hearing to be CANCELLED due to new allegations    09/23/18  (35)
what's a classic 80s movie I should watch today?    09/23/18  (35)
i know of two confirmed dead poasters based on facebook    09/24/18  (33)
I am angry about Nebraska football's current situation.    09/24/18  (32)
Panic at the disco guitarist gets fired for asking a girl to send him pics on    09/24/18  (31)
Why the Left Is Consumed With Hate (WSJ ed    09/24/18  (30)
im in my 30s and it already feels like the day is over as soon as i wake up    09/24/18  (30)
any shot libs had at a "blue wave" is gone with this Kavanaugh insanity    09/24/18  (29)
Grassley releases original letter from Feinstein and Ford's letter to Feinstein    09/23/18  (29)
ITT: you post the PERCENTAGE CHANCE u think Kavanaugh is confirmed, NOTHING ELSE    09/24/18  (28)
Unleash the Trump    09/23/18  (28)
Tufts reject pumo (.,.,.,,....,.,.,.,..,..,.,..,.,
.,) needs to be banned ASAP
   09/24/18  (27)
more bad news for kavanaugh inside    09/24/18  (27)
Now that GOP cucks got caught being part of the Kav accusations, who's next nom?    09/24/18  (27)
Kavanaugh insanity still blowing my mind    09/23/18  (27)
REMINDER: Selena Gomez is half Mexican    09/24/18  (26)
Good news everyone: Ford's allegation is something that can put her in prison    09/24/18  (26)
woman who was dildo'd by kav & judge is coming 4ward, rep'd by avenatti    09/23/18  (26)
not political for a second: Wife wants me to email teacher, ask teacher to plea    09/24/18  (25)
Hey Ya'll, Genetic Female here again, Taking Q's    09/24/18  (25)
are any mods on right now    09/24/18  (25)