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Confrontation with thugette over parking in a handicapped space = dead thug    07/21/18  (93)
Trumpmos - do u honestly think Trump can win again in 2020?    07/21/18  (91)
Trumpmos: what do you honestly think is going on between Trump and Putin?    07/21/18  (83)
Partner screamed at me for cc'ing him on an email. I'm tired of this shit.    07/21/18  (51)
Adderall makes you stupid. It's official.    07/21/18  (50)
How do we end identity politics    07/21/18  (48)
Trumpmos, do you still HONESTLY and OBJECTIVELY think he is a good POTUS?    07/21/18  (44)
There is nothing morally wrong about sex with prostitutes    07/21/18  (38)
Charles XII: most underrated and overrated U.S. Presidents?    07/21/18  (37)
Despite our flaws, I think Americans are still the "coolest" nationality    07/21/18  (36)
ITT: the animal you wish to be reincarnated as    07/21/18  (36)
what's a cool song u have on?    07/21/18  (36)
Anyone else just wish they could drive a mint condition 1989 something    07/21/18  (35)
Guys, it's time to buy Bitcoin ($7400). I'm not fucking kidding. (DTP)    07/21/18  (34)
WH frantically backtracking from Ukraine referendum discussed at Treason Summit    07/21/18  (34)
2-3 Day Stop In Rome In August -- Worth It?    07/20/18  (33)
Should i go pick up some bagel sandwiches for my family?    07/21/18  (29)
Millennials are literally killing themselves TO DEATH with alcoho:l    07/21/18  (29)
White Supremacists Get 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Director James Gunn Fired    07/21/18  (28)
*says something SJWs don't like* *once* *life is ruined*    07/20/18  (28)
Only 24k Marines died in WW2    07/21/18  (27)
Videogames I plan to buy in 2018    07/21/18  (25)
What was going on in 2006 that causes Dems to take back the House and Senate?    07/20/18  (25)
Shitlib and vocal Trump hater James Gunn fired from Marvel for offensive tweets    07/20/18  (24)
Rich parent bribes Ivy League coach to tell admissions office son is a recruit    07/21/18  (22)
Jerry Brown: Appoints 18 T14 judges. xoTrump: Appoints literal TTT grads. Why?    07/20/18  (22)
Ted Cruz: bad tweets are a thoughtcrime    07/21/18  (21)
MPM 2018 halfway checkin - who u leaning towards?    07/21/18  (21)
CSLG a lock for MPM 2018, right?    07/20/18  (21)
Raise your kids so they wont walk around hungry for love later on.    07/21/18  (20)
"Hello, who just joined?" (front of human centipede as new Jr. Assoc is sewn on)    07/21/18  (20)
libs (party of science) explain breastfeeding (infographic)    07/21/18  (19)
Dems are pissed they still have to appeal to white people?    07/21/18  (19)
$100 billion but you can only visit one web site for the rest of your life    07/21/18  (18)
One episode of Hitler sitcom "Heil Honey I'm Home" actually aired in 1990    07/21/18  (18)
there are a fuckton of ghetto blacks and mexicans in dickinson north dakota    07/21/18  (18)
BBC: Trump threw wild sex/coke parties in the 80s-90s, had sex with teen models    07/20/18  (18)
Landlord not responsible for repairing/replacing washer/dryer    07/21/18  (16)
Who will be the first Trumpmo to acknowledge the walls are closing in?    07/21/18  (16)
McDonald's boasts no cuts in hours or employment w $15 min wage implementation    07/20/18  (16)
everyone under 30 is on meth?    07/21/18  (16)
Does Amazon Prime Video have a single thing worth watching?    07/21/18  (15)
Eating at prole as fuck Chinese buffet, taking q's    07/21/18  (15)
Mexican here. Latinas are harder to get than white women.    07/21/18  (15)
In the next 5 years every woman will be taking Aloradine    07/21/18  (15)
Mass gathering of golden retrievers marks anniversary of the breed    07/20/18  (15)
Okay chandler has inspired me I need to go SOLO    07/21/18  (14)
Oldmo here. Dry erase boards on dorm room doors were a medium for poasting    07/21/18  (14)
Tiger Woods and Jordan Spieth will be final pairing tomorrow 180    07/21/18  (14)
xo Husker crew get ITT    07/20/18  (14)