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Fucking lol at this boudoir photos at wedding trend    01/16/18  (54)
Illegal alien nanny is crushing it at new job    01/16/18  (51)
Singer SEAL under investigation for SEXUAL ASSAULT    01/16/18  (43)
Rate this vid of a 7-11 robbery (BIG TWIST)    01/16/18  (40)
You can get rid of one state    01/16/18  (38)
explain how illegal immigration is bad if it makes literally everything cheap    01/16/18  (38)
RATE this cute blonde who desperately needs implants    01/16/18  (38)
What if Diversity isn't America's Strength? (LA Times OpEd)    01/16/18  (38)
Muslim pizza shop owner slams black woman to floor; restrooms for customers only    01/16/18  (37)
un-PC truth: Anyone who went to a hotel room with Weinstein knew what was coming    01/16/18  (34)
Money Diaries: 35 year hedge fund Manger making 1.5 Million spends in a week    01/16/18  (34)
ITT you poast the size of your monthly nut    01/16/18  (31)
Driving in the snow is unsafe and impossible    01/16/18  (24)
NYT publishes refreshingly reasonable piece on Aziz Ansari    01/16/18  (22)
How the hell is it possible to get below 165 on lsat or below 165 on gre verbal    01/16/18  (21)
rate this BTC chart    01/16/18  (19)
Anzari deserves to have his career ruined    01/16/18  (19)
LJL @ living in MFH.    01/16/18  (19)
GF steadfastly refusing to take Birth Control pills. My response is masturbation    01/16/18  (17)
In 1999 there were no 80s cars on the road    01/16/18  (16)
Looks like Bannon is trying to shed his "Sloppy Steve" moniker    01/16/18  (16)
GF wants to have 6 bridesmaids, I only have 1 groomsman. What to do?    01/16/18  (15)
OH NOES!!! ETH is only up 45% this past month. SELL SELL SELL!!!    01/16/18  (15)
Investmos, what are you buying with DOW AT 26000?    01/16/18  (14)
Bullied girl murdered by classmate    01/16/18  (14)
bump if you're HODLing or BUYing    01/16/18  (13)
Mentally ill poaster here. taking qs on my recent IV admin of HALODOL    01/16/18  (13)
a TuTu'd peterman clad only in a big dog t-shirt stumbling out of a trailer park    01/16/18  (13)
i feel bad for peterman, he's like the bilbo baggins of xo    01/16/18  (13)
What kind of woman would "hook up" with Aziz Ansari?    01/16/18  (13)
Don't bet on being able to lateral while in biglaw. I'm 0-12 on lateraling opps.    01/16/18  (13)
so how is bourdain so thin? Drugs? It's drugs, right?    01/16/18  (13)
Vox on Aziz Ansari    01/16/18  (12)
so im registered with binance, what do i do now    01/16/18  (12)
Red pill: Women's favorite porn is gay male porn    01/16/18  (12)
What to do about neighbor who stomps on ceiling    01/16/18  (11)
Almost no one understands the utter lack of liquidity in the crypto markets    01/16/18  (11)
good article for former adderall bros    01/16/18  (11)
Blockchain just got a compliance function at my bank    01/16/18  (11)
Lost 3 years of biglaw savings on crypto    01/16/18  (10)
Just checked coinbase. Is this THE BIG CRASH    01/16/18  (10)
Luis's volt turning back into a pumpkin at midnight    01/16/18  (10)
luis's oceanfront mansion collapsing into bitcoins like an inception scene    01/16/18  (10)
What is the logic in paying Gruden $100M?    01/16/18  (9)
National Review: nuclear war not so bad since Trump voters will be spared.    01/16/18  (9)
RATE these bikini-clad teens playing grab-ass    01/16/18  (9)
Anyone think Sears can maek it?    01/16/18  (9)
What time do most of you wake up    01/16/18  (9)
Ancient Roman JJC: "Impossible to make friends outside of rhetoric school?"    01/16/18  (8)
What rap lyrics do you use in daily conversation?    01/16/18  (8)